Terms & Conditions

1. Quantities on quotes represent a “GOOD FAITH” estimate, designed to provide the customer with a rough estimate of the amount of material needed for a given job. lt is based on calculations and/or data provided by the customer and assumes normal and typical construction techniques. The actual amount of material used may vary from this estimate due to various factors beyond our control. Therefore, no guarantee or warranty has been made that the actual quantities used will not vary from this estimate.

2. Prices on a quote are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote, After such time, prices are subject to change without notice.

3. Materials ordered in excess of the amounts on the quote may be at a different price.


1. Materials should be examined upon receipt of shipment and accepted or rejected at that time. Shade & Wise will not assume responsibility for materials once they are used.

2. Damages or shortages must be noted at the time of delivery. If no one is on the job site to sign ticket, damage/shortage must be reported to our office within 7 days or claims will be invalid.

3. If a claim is made relating to any defect in or with any merchandise delivered, Purchaser must promptly notify Shade & Wise and offer the opportunity to examine such merchandise in the same condition as delivered to Purchaser. Failure or refusal of Purchaser to comply with this provision shall preclude any and all claims by Purchaser with respect to merchandise in question.

4. “SPECIAL ORDER” items may not be cancelled or returned. Shade & Wise reserves the right to request payment in advance of said items being ordered from The Manufacturer.

5. No returns may be made after 30 days from date of delivery, and all returned items must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.

6. “STOCK” items ordered by mistake or in excess of requirements may be returned for credit, at Shade & Wise’s discretion, providing material is in good condition. Fees for picking up and restocking materials shall be paid by Purchaser. There will be a25%o restocking fee with a minimum charge of $75 when materials are picked up at jobsite. Brick can only be picked up in full cubes with metal bands intact. All other materials must be on pallets and easily accessible by truck.

7. All freight and delivery charges shall be paid by the Purchaser as a separate item and are not subject to discount.

8. Shade & Wise shall assume no responsibility for cancelled or delayed shipments caused by strikes, accidents, fuel supply, weather conditions or any other reason that is unavoidable or beyond our control.

9. If delivery is made across curbs, sidewalks or yards at Purchaser’s request, Purchaser agrees to accept full responsibility for any damage that may be incurred.