Dispatch / Delivery

At Shade & Wise, we take great pride in the level of service we provide to our customers. We maintain a fleet of the most modern equipment available to the masonry industry. Our delivery trucks carry their own forklifts so, in most cases, we can deliver the materials right where they are needed on the job site. We firmly believe that our delivery drivers are the best in the area. They have a combined experience of over 80 years in the industry. Our customers have come to rely on our driver’s expertise for the correct placement and careful handling of their materials.

On any given day, Shade & Wise delivers tens of thousands of bricks, thousands of bags of mortar and a great many other accessories and specialty items. All of this is ultimately coordinated through our dispatcher’s office. Our dispatch function is second to none in Central Virginia. As with our drivers, our customers know they can depend upon our dispatcher’s office to get them their materials when and where they are needed.

Quotes / Estimating

Our salesmen are not simply order takers. They can give you estimates of the types and amounts of materials required for a particular project and they can match old or outdated masonry materials to a product currently in production and more readily available. They carry extensive mortar sample kits and typically can match any mortar used or produced within the last 200 years.

Let our salesmen and their experience help you translate your next new construction project from the blueprint drawings into the beautiful structure that you envision.

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