Clay Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Cultured Stone & Retaining Wall Block

Our landscape products include clay pavers, concrete pavers, cultured stone and retaining wall block. Any or all can combine to give your outdoor living space or commercial entryway that special finished appearance. Masonry landscaping products not only provide an extension of the living area, but also add an air of permanence and stability to any outdoor area. Once installed, they are virtually maintenance free and they add lasting value.

Whether it is a pool deck, driveway, patio or walkway; Shade & Wise has the quality products to make any area beautiful. Colonial or contemporary, we have the product to fit your need. Traditional brick pavers give your home the “Colonial American” look and feel. Our brick pavers have been used in several projects in the downtown area and on finer homes and buildings around our City. If a contemporary or transitional design is more your style, then consider concrete pavers; they can be provided in a variety of shapes and colors that will fit almost any architectural design.

When considering your outdoor design, do not overlook proper drainage and other water concerns. Shade & Wise provides a full complement of drainage products that will insure that your project looks and performs years from now just as it did the day it was completed. From the largest underground plastic pipe to the smallest, inconspicuous channel drain, we’ve got you covered.